About Us

If you are looking for a fabulous and creative cake for a celebration, whether it be for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, office celebration, housewarming, bon voyage…or just because, like us…you love to celebrate everything – let us create the perfect cake for you – a naughty nush smash cake!

OR… For all of the donut lovers out there, a Naughty Sweet Box! Packed with donuts and all sorts of other sweet treats.

Naughty nush smash cakes are a smashing idea for any age. Designed to literally ‘smash and shatter’, these creative and popular chocolate ‘piñatas’ are personalised and hand made with layers of the finest chocolate in different designed shapes (in the form of a hollow shell), and then colorfully decorated and filled to the brim with an assortment of fillings inside.

I have loved being in the kitchen from a very early age, and it was this love which I then channelled into a career in cake decorating. With a background in Fondant and Buttercream cakes I LOVE the Smash Cake alternative to traditional cakes!!

After coming across this wonderful business whilst volunteering for Koala Kids Foundation and took over from the original owner (the lovely, Jo) in June 2016. Since taking over, I have also added the Naughty Nush Sweet Box range in August 2017.

I am very much looking forward to making your next celebration a ‘smashing’ occasion!

Anthea xo