What areas do you deliver to?

Zone 1- $12 3145, 3146,3144,31613163,3124,3143,3147,3148,3162,3123,3142,3166,3183,3185,3204,3122,3125, 3126, 3148, 3165, 3181, 3184

Zone 2 $22 3121,3127,3141,3149,3167,3182,3186,3187,3004,3101,3103,3189,8008,3002,3067,3102,3128,3168,3188,3190,3800,3006,3066,3104,3129,3151,3169,3191,3205,3206,3000,3005,3006

Zone 3- $32 3053,3065,3068,3078,3130,3150,3192,3202,3003,3008,3010,3050,3070,3079,3105,3108,3150,3170,3193,8012,3051,3052,3054,3057,3131,3133,3171,3194,3207,3057,3071,3107,3109,3172,3011,3016,3031,3056,3081,3084,3111,3132,3013,3015,3055,3072,3106,3152,3174,3179,3195,3039,3058,3085,3086,3093,3032,3114,3173,3178,3180,3012,3025,3040,3044,3073,3087,3094,3134,3135,3019,3060,3083,3088,3113,3134,3153

Zone 4- $42 3018,3034,3041,3095,3155,3196,3046,3074,3088,3156,3175,3177,3802,3020,3033,3042,3136,3028,3047,3075,3082,3090,3137,3154,3197,3785,3022,3026,3043,3061,3089,3115,3158,3786,3803,3076,3096,3097,3975,3021,3023,3027,3048,3049,3138,3198,3201,3765,3767,3787,3976,3036,3091,3116,3160,3789,3804,3977,3045,3062,3752,3788,3805,3037,3059,3200,3791

If your postcode is not listed, please contact us.

Delivery cost is calculated at checkout.

How long will it take from the time I place my order until it is delivered?

As each order is custom made, please allow up to seven working days for delivery of Smash Cakes. If you require it earlier, please let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate.

What if I am not home when my order is delivered?

We can tell you the day that the Smash Cake will be delivered, but unfortunately, we can not give a precise time of delivery. All deliveries require a signature upon receipt, unless specified that it can be left unattended (however, due to delicate nature of these cakes/ boxes, we prefer not to leave the orders unattended). If you are happy for us to leave the cake unattended, this can be written in the comments section at ‘check out’. We will not take responsibility for your order if leaving parcel unattended  – this will be at your own risk.

Can I pick up my Smash Cake order?

Yes. All orders can be picked up from Ash Grove, Malvern East 3145 (Contact Anthea for exact details) on Monday-Friday. Pick up time must be arranged prior to collection. Please provide preferred day and time at checkout and this will be confirmed upon receipt of order.

Do I need to store my smash cake in the fridge?

NO! It is best stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry space.

What is the shelf life of the smash cake?

It is a minimum of 3 months if stored correctly.

Can I have different colour combinations or different fillings other than those that are offered?

Yes. Our aim is to please. Tell us what you would like, and we will do what we can to accommodate – we love a challenge!

Are the Smash Cakes NUT free?

I always do my best to avoid any cross contamination and I very rarely work with nut products, though I cannot guarantee that the cakes will be ‘trace’ free.

Are the Smash Cakes Gluten Free?

No, the standard Smash Cakes are not Gluten Free. However, we can create a Gluten Free Smash Cake for you! Please note: a slight increase in price will apply.